Three tricks to reduce fish pollution

Three tricks to reduce fish pollution

Seafood is the star of healthy recipes. It is delicious and supplements nutrients. It can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, improve mood and memory. When seawater is soaked, it can avoid entering marine animals and plants, gradually accumulate, and pass through the biological chain.The recommended concentration has led to an increase in the concentration of organisms in the body. Those carnivorous fish at the top of the food chain have concentrations in the body that are hundreds of thousands of times higher than in water.

There is no alarmist meaning!

Polluted offshore fish have a large amount of heavy metals and impurities such as mercury, lead and cadmium.

Try to eat small fish, large carnivorous fish in the higher stages of the food chain, accumulation in the body, including: sharks, swordfish, sardines, swordfish, yellow croaker, big clams, mullet roe and all fishIt’s wonderful to eat less cans.

Do not eat or eat fish head, fish skin, fish oil, internal organs, fish eggs, shark fins, fish eyes, especially those black membranes inside the fish belly.

This is where the average is easy to accumulate.


Eating seafood while eating some broccoli, tomatoes, fresh olives, mushrooms, apples, etc., is conducive to the discharge of radiation. The so-called cat has a catwalk, the mouse has a mouse path, there is no fear of pollution, there is a way, the road iswhat?

That’s the way!

As long as you pay attention to it, scientific consumption, pollution can not be ruled out, but can be minimized.