Black bean wolfberry porridge helps computer families relieve eye fatigue


Black bean wolfberry porridge helps computer families relieve eye fatigue

Eye fatigue is mainly caused by long-term excessive use of eyes such as computer office, reading books or watching TV.

  Black beans are sweet and flat, rich in protein, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin and other nutrients, which have the effects of nourishing kidney and strengthening the body, promoting blood circulation, detoxifying, nourishing yin and brightening eyesight.

Lycium barbarum is sweet, can nourish liver and kidney, improve eyesight and nourish blood, and strengthen immunity.

Modern medicine believes that wolfberry can effectively relieve fatigue, reduce blood pressure, protect liver and reduce blood sugar, soften blood vessels, lower blood lipids, and treat kidney failure.

People with weak constitution and poor resistance are more suitable for long-term consumption.

  The following teaches you to make a “black bean wolfberry porridge,” which can effectively help you get rid of eye fatigue.

  100 grams of black beans, 3-5 grams of medlar, 5-10 dates, cooking wine, ginger juice, and salt.

Add the right amount of water, boil it with the simmering heat, and use the simmering heat to boil until the black beans are cooked. You can take the soup and change it every morning and evening. It is advisable to drink 2-3 cups at a time for long-term drinking.

Black bean porridge can be directly replaced by adding 30-50 grams of rock sugar, or freshly cooked black bean porridge can be added to 2-3 chrysanthemums (chrysanthemums have the effect of clearing the liver and eyesight, and small and yellowish chrysanthemums are the best choice)Complications after foaming, better eye fatigue and blurred vision.

You can also take black bean porridge and add 1 spoon of walnut powder, 10 ml of milk, and 1 spoon of honey. The effect of improving eye fatigue is also obvious.

  In addition, black rice porridge is also suitable for the “computer family” who is prone to fatigue in the eyes. “TV enthusiasts” take it for a long time and drink a little every day to get results.

However, it should be noted that wolfberry should not be excessive during porridge. Generally, healthy adults should not consume more than 20 grams of wolfberry per day.

People with colds, fever, arthritis, diarrhea and other complications do not put wolfberry when porridge, just use black rice to porridge, you can also use wolfberry instead.